ILLINOIS EARLY CHILDHOOD OUTCOMES SUMMARY FORM SID Name Last First Entry Female Male Exit Date DOB Middle School District Persons involved in deciding summary ratings - Role/Title Bottom of Form Top of Form Positive Social Relationships Take Appropriate Action to Meet Own Needs Acquire and Use Knowledge and Skills 1 - Not Yet 2 - Between Emerging and Not Yet 3 - Emerging skills 4 -Between Somewhat and Emerging 5 - Somewhat 7 - Completely Summary of Evidence Sources of Supporting Evidence...
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What you're about to view as an example of an individualized Family Service Plan or IFSP meeting the purpose of this meeting is to develop a plan of supports that will address the family's priorities and areas of concern okay so let's talk about the first outcome which is the personal social we just finished discussing how she's doing in that area and that she was a little shy and she's warming up a little bit starting to be more outgoing and we want to talk about how she interacts with other people and looking at the scale is from not yet all the way to completely we're gonna talk about where we think she falls on that scale okay I would say if it wasn't for the shyness I'd say you know completely I think she's fine it's just like I said before I think it's because she's not talking she's having a hard time interacting with anyone but Maria and I and I would agree with that you know in general I think free is right where she should be and I think that it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to kind of keep an eye on that and to offer her some opportunities to spend some time with peers little ones that are her same age out in the community and I think that that will help to move this along I agree as well I think what we're remembering this particular outcome we're looking at how she compares to all peers her age and I know Susan he brought up the idea that you this temperament issue as well you know her interacting with other children she doesn't really had an opportunity so we want to keep an eye on it but I think she's doing well in this area I am wondering about how her communication skills so the fact that she's not using a lot of words how that is impacting her ability to just socially interact with other people and other peers so I am wondering how that's impacting it well we don't have her around a lot of peers very much I really don't see it as an issue but I you know Ted sometimes does well I did I marry is not around I think because I don't understand her as well as Maria and I don't pick up on the gestures as much I mean I think both myself and Marika we get frustrated with with each other and then I definitely see it out in public yeah yeah and I think that that's one of the big things that we do want to avoid Bree is right at the stage where her language development is gonna start to really blossom and right before it does we want to avoid her getting too frustrated because frustration that's gonna lead to tantrums and it's just gonna it won't be good for anyone so we want to make sure that we're giving her ways to communicate that she can communicate successfully because if she feels like she's able to communicate her wants needs even with other kids you know I want that toy if she feels like she can communicate it she's going to be a lot more likely to be comfortable interacting with others so I do think that her communication skills at this point are impacting her social-emotional development and as you say that it makes me...